Designing since ’85

Think leg warmers, cassettes and Wham!

James Craker began his graphic design journey during secondary school selling caricatures of teachers to his fellow students. These days, James runs his own design company that helps a variety of businesses with their visual communications. He creates designs for a wide range of business needs from entire websites to stunning logos, unique business cards and extraordinary animations. James also draws on the expertise of others who shine on the field of design, development as well as SEO specialists.

It’s in the name

The name Crackerjac derives from James’ surname, Craker (pronounced cray-ker), and James’ initials, JAC. Combine these two, add an extra ‘c’ and Bob’s your uncle and Fanny’s your aunt.

And of course, it’s a nod to the wonderful 80’s children’s TV programme, Crackerjack. Is it five to five yet?

James Craker 01 1

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