Ware Dickensian Evening website

The Ware Dickensian Evening website is dedicated to promoting the annual Christmas event in the heart of Ware, targeting residents and visitors in and around the area. The redesign aimed to enhance mobile usability and improve navigation, aligning with the client’s vision of a more festive and engaging online presence. This project is a perfect example of our expertise in web design in Ware.

Initial Assessment

The previous version of the website faced significant issues.

  • Lack of Mobile-Friendliness: The site wasn’t optimised for mobile devices, making it challenging for users to access information on the go.

  • Poor Navigation: The old design had a cumbersome navigation structure, hindering users from easily finding event details.

  • Outdated Aesthetic: The site lacked a vibrant, Christmassy feel, which was essential for capturing the event’s festive spirit.

Design Process

Crackerjac followed a structured redesign process, showcasing our skills in web design.

  • Initial Design Proposal: We presented a new design concept in PDF format, ensuring alignment with the client’s vision.

  • Website Build: Using WordPress and the Elementor page builder, we developed the new site. Elementor’s responsive design features ensured the website was mobile-friendly, providing a seamless experience across all devices.

User Experience Enhancements

A key goal was to make event information easily accessible.

  • Filter System: We implemented a user-friendly filter system that allows visitors to quickly find events based on time and location. This feature helps users plan their visit efficiently, ensuring they don’t miss out on any activities.

Technical Details

To ensure the website performs optimally.

  • Performance Optimisation: We utilised WP Rocket, a powerful caching plugin, to enhance site speed and performance.

  • Comprehensive Testing: The website underwent thorough testing on various browsers and devices, ensuring compatibility and a smooth user experience.

Client feedback

The client was thrilled with the website refresh. They appreciated the improved mobile usability, intuitive navigation, and the festive design that brings the Christmas magic to life online. This positive feedback highlights our commitment to delivering high-quality web design in Ware.

Crackerjac is particularly proud of the personal touch added to the website. The new design not only meets the client’s needs but also resonates with visitors, evoking the joy and spirit of the Christmas event.

By focusing on user experience and leveraging modern web design techniques, Crackerjac successfully transformed the Ware Dickensian Evening website into a mobile-friendly, visually appealing platform. This project exemplifies our expertise in web design in Ware, showcasing our ability to create engaging and functional websites that meet both client and user needs.

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